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  1. Blizan
  2. Tic_taG
    1. PUPILJ
      please add that to the allowed mods list, i just got tempban for that bs
      Nov 23, 2016 at 6:34 PM
  4. itay cohen
    itay cohen
    Please Help Me To Get UnBan !!!!
  5. itay cohen
  6. Jhon
  7. kokohein
    kokohein xwolfyxNL
    owner i would like to apply as a security on the eggwars server please because there is alot of hackers
  8. kokohein
    i hope theres like a security in the eggwars server because there is a massive of hackers
  9. kokohein
    kokohein xwolfyxNL
    hello there i would like to ask for help... in your eggwars server there have been alot of hackers and people is disturbed by them so if you can ,please assign someone to preotect the server
  10. Shybabygirl
    I miss you Chow......I will come back soon......Just give me time to forgive myself.....
  11. xxxevixxx
  12. itay cohen
    itay cohen Webby
    Nice Sentence I Have To Say :D
  13. Rawahi (Pro2015)
    Rawahi (Pro2015) xwolfyxNL
    Hey I got a question,
    Can I apply for staff again? I have been staff 2 times already and got demoted but I never abused. Ty.
  14. Bat_PvP
    I can't create ban appeal, when I click "create new thread" there are only options to write text title and poll. Not place for text
  15. Ng Yi Quan
    Ng Yi Quan NachoPizza
    after 25 day i join the game back using botakhair it work but not long time this account also get ban evading
  16. Ng Yi Quan
    Ng Yi Quan NachoPizza
    Personal Statement:
    Oct 22 i write this appeal and i instantly get unban BUT after this unban i play 5 days after 5 days i cant play anymore and i use other account go this server to find chowmunjien why i get ban again then he ask nachopizza and i get ban evading and i check back this link above their change the ban to 25 days
  17. Ng Yi Quan
    Ng Yi Quan NachoPizza
  18. HarroX_
    HarroX_ xwolfyxNL
    Why u not join the server ?
  19. m_proemke
    m_proemke G_Vortex
    Dude why did u banned me for Ddos threats in the rules don't stands that you will get permanent IP banned for Ddos threats.....
  20. Ng Yi Quan
    Ng Yi Quan NachoPizza
    or can i create my ban appeal here?
    1. NachoPizza
      You can do the appeal and I'll explain to the rest what happens ok?
      Nov 20, 2016 at 12:55 PM