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If you enjoyed map 1 in any form, you should love map 2.
I've worked hard over the past week or two on HCF making sure to get stuff that needs doing - done.

Release date/time: Friday the 14th October 2016 at 7PM GMT (9PM if you're NL, 3PM if you're EST)

Some new features:
  • /coords (Was already there but only on /coord but /coords is cooler :3)
  • /kills (was already there but we've now implemented /kills (player name) so you can check other players kills)
  • More deathmessages
  • Bard & Archer
  • Highly reworked miner class (Should be less glitchy I hope also managed to eliminate some bugs)
  • More reliable factions plugin which includes /f claim (radius)
  • added lure 2 to starter kit
  • Better CTWall (Combat Wall // When tagged and trying to run into spawn a wall will prevent such a thing - still experimental)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Top secret additions.
  • Plus all of the pesky little bug fixes from last map.
  • Nerfed /near (Now 5-15 blocks, I can't remember exactly which :3 )
Features to be added:
  • PvPTimer disable when entering the end (Almost ready, final tests to be made)
Revival lives/credits will be given to the ranks as...
A video made by @CaptainMeoow for MCW's 5th birthday :D

P.S Subscribe to the MCW Youtube channel :)